Horse Coat Color

The horse coat color is the result of the combination of several Genes that interact among themselves. The combination of these Genes is called Genotype, and the coat color and other visible characteristics resulting from these Gene combinations is known as the Phenotype. A single Phenotype can be the result of several different Genotypes which can produce diverse possibility on the progeny depending on the Genotype. This happens because dominant Genes, on which one copy of the allele already determines the visible characteristic can be in duplicity. These are called homozygous. When they are heterozygous, they present two distinct alleles. As in several instances, we only know the coat color (Phenotype), all calculations of probabilities of this website considers that animals involved in crosses are heterozygous for all the genes. If one of the parents is homozygous for these Genes, the number of real coat color possibilities may be lower than the one presented by our website. In the future, we will offer the possibility to select Genes for those that have better knowledge about the Genotype of their animals.

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