Several factors may influence the growth of a foal for better or worse. Nutrient deficiencies in early age may negatively impact growth. Also, after 4 years, animals that work out in a constant manner experience growth in body muscles and such growth may add up to 2 cm to their final height. For better accuracy, the prospections can be made one or more instances at minimal intervals of one month using the same measurements conditions. The recommendation is to measure the animals at rest as exercises may also affect final height estimates. Our experience using our growth data have demonstrated the following:

  • If prospections are diminishing, this may be an indication that the horse’s nutrition may not be adequate, or he may be experiencing health problems;
  • If prospections are increasing after a previous estimate, the horse may be in a recovery state after experiencing an adverse and limiting growth factor that temporally impacted his growth condition including nutritional deficiencies and diseases;
  • If the prospections are remaining constant, the development is normal within expected standards.

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