Flávio Rafael Monteiro

Horse Breeder, Flávio Rafael Monteiro is veterinarian since 1985 with degree obtained at State University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil. At his family farm (Fazenda Imperial) located in Arandu, São Paulo, Brazil, Flávio Monteiro breeds Puro Sangue Lusitanos since 1999 and Quarter Horses since 2017. Since he started his breeding operations, he strives to learn everything about coat color genetics and horse genetics in general. He also developed growth curves for his horses to help follow-up the growth of his foals from close and understand better their growth potential. In his breeding program, he focuses his efforts in crosses between lineages that can bring good quality and beauty to his horses while searching for exotic coat colors.

André Luiz Barreto Crespo

Scientist with an Agronomy degree and Ph.D. in Entomology studying insect genetics at University of Nebraska, Lincoln in 2008, André Crespo breeds Puro Sangue Lusitanos for cattle work, leisure, and steer roping competitions since 2013 in Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Living in Iowa, United States, André Crespo spends most of his vacation time working somehow with horses in Brazil. From the United Sates, André also is a member on the board of directors of an association of cattle roping in Brazil. Over the years, André accumulated expertise in different areas of the horse industry by practicing, taking classes, and participating in training and judging certification clinics.

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